The Sheep's Hotel
Studio Metrafilms Moldova presents a new animated series: "The Sheep's Hotel." Series creator Dmitriy Vysotskiy is the director behind major animated hit "Kid-E-Cats." The new series is designed for children aged 3–6 years. The first season of "The Sheep's Hotel" consists of 52 five-minute episodes. Two seasons of the animated series have gone into production at the same time. 

The series tells the story of a friendly family of sheep who have opened a hotel in their old mansion. In each episode, Bella the sheep and her older brother Benny meet new guests and help their parents whenever they have time left over from school and playing. Bella and Benny are so eager to turn the hotel into the city’s most popular holiday destination that they often get into comical situations.
Creator and director: Dmitriy Vysotskiy
Music: Alexey Yakovel
Producers: Artem Vasiliev, Vyacheslav Murugov, Karina Kabanova, Ksenia Gordienko
Executive Producer: Alexey Grishin
Line Producer: Yulia Gudkova