Director: Natalia Uvarova

Mikhail, middle-aged man, backs with a visit to his hometown. He’s depressed by recent funeral of hismother. That was a sorrowful reason of his visit.
Wishing to re-experience the feelings from a childhood he comes to the apartment where he grew up.
Other people have been living there for a long time. Mikhail asks for a permission to get inside. Women
hesitates at first but finally lets him in.
Mikhail tries to recall the warmness from his early years but atmosphere and people living in the
apartment prevent him immersing into memory. Somehow, he finally gets a way to catch the flashbacks
and past feelings.

Writer: Aleksey Karaulov
Directors of Photography: Lyudmila Burchenkova
Producer: Artem Vasilyev
Co-producers: Valeriu Andriuta, Irina Obidova, Alexey Karaulov, Ivan Nevzorov
Cast: Valeriu Andriuta, Anastasia Evgrafova, Irina Rakshina

International premiere in competition at the Les Arcs Film Festival, December 2023