Director: Natalia Uvarova / 2023

Malika is 11, she’s precocious and cheerful girl. Her parents are divorced, and Malika lives with 30-year-old mother Roza in a small but cosy apartment in a little town in Kazakhstan where they moved several years ago from Ingushetia Republic.
Roza works as a florist in a floral store and Malika goes to school, sometimes assists Roza.
Malika notices that her mom behaves unusually— she often chats to someone and have long phone calls with a dreamy mood. It turns out that Roza in love with floral’s store owner and they are getting to marry. A girl opposes their marriage as it makes Malika back to dad’s family according to the Islam law.
Malika sabotages the upcoming wedding but finally lets her mom go for the sake of happiness.

Director: Natalia Uvarova
Writers: Milana Misieva, Natalia Uvarova
Producers: Artem Vasilyev, Anna Gudkova