Sonya from Toastville

One day, a nine-year-old girl named Sonya accidentally discovers that a bread box in her kitchen has magical properties: if you place a toast magnet among the other magnets and turn it, you teleport from the human world to the magical city of Toastville, located on planet Toastland. The planet is inhabited by charming creatures, the Toastians, but also by unpredictable and treacherous creatures, the Crumbles. The Toastians live on the Light Side of the planet, and the Crumbles live on the Dark Side. During her adventures, Sonya will find that evil isn’t necessarily cloaked in black, and that good sometimes doesn’t look all that pretty.

Creator and director: Dmitriy Vysotskiy
Music: Alexey Yakovel
Character Designer: Yeka Haski
Executive Producers: Artem Vasiliev, Karina Kabanova
Producers: Alexey Grishin, Maria Sharova